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Sperm Bank Directory

Find a sperm bank here.

Browse the online catalogs and find a donor. Most catalogs allow filtering by physical characteristics such as hair color, skin tone, and eye color as well as blood type, ethnicity, and level of education. Some sperm bank offer photos of the donors and additional in-depth information.

Sperm Banks in California


California Cryobank

Los Angeles, CA
Tel: (866) 927-9622 or (310) 443-5244
Fax: (866) 625-7336

Pacific Reproductive Services

Pasadena, CA
Tel: (888) 469-5800 or (626) 432-1681
Fax: (626) 432-6869


Sperm Banks in Georgia

Xytex Cryobank

Augusta, GA
Tel: (800) 277-3210
Fax: (706)736-9720


Sperm Banks in Massachusetts


New England Cryogenic Center

Marlborough, MA
Tel: (774) 843-2936 OR (800) 991-4999
Fax: (508) 305-2531


Sperm Banks in Minnesota


Cryogenic Laboratories

Roseville, MN
Tel: (800) 466-2796 or (651) 489-8000
Fax: (651) 489-8989


Sperm Banks in New Jersey


Biogenetics Corp

Mountainside, NJ
Tel: (800) 637-7776 or (908) 654-8836
Fax: (908) 232-2114


Sperm Banks in New York


Idant Laboratories

New York, NY
Tel: (212) 330-8500
Fax: (212)330-8536


Sperm Banks in Virginia


Fairfax Cryobank

Fairfax, VA
Tel: (800) 338-8407 or (703) 698-3976
Fax: (703) 698-3933


Sperm Banks in Washington


European Sperm Bank USA

Seattle, WA
Tel: (800) 709-1223
Fax: (206) 588-1485


NW Cryobank

Spokane, WA
Tel: (800) 786-5251 or (509) 232-0132
Fax: (509) 232-0145

Learn More about Choosing a Sperm Bank

ChoiceMoms has a great article on what you should look for in a sperm bank and why you should pay attention to the policies of the bank as well as the offering.

What to Expect also has some good head's up information.