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IVF Success Rates by Clinic

Explore Each Clinic's IVF Success Rates.

Please note success rates can be very nuanced. Some clinics have very good numbers, but that's because they are very selective about who they will treat. Some clinics are better with older women, some are better for male infertility. Understand these differences when you are evaluating a clinic's performance.

Spend some time educating yourself before you choose an IVF clinic

Don't choose a clinic based solely on the CDC stats or SART (Society for Assisted Reproduction). You want to find the best team to treat YOU and YOUR specific problems. IVF clinics are very conscious of their success rates as reported to the CDC / SART. Therefore, for example, their interests may diverge from yours.

For example, if you are an older woman and want to take a shot at IVF, even though you know your eggs are unlikely to produce a viable embryo, some clinics might discourage this. This is a legitimate point of view, considering the cost of IVF, the emotional toll, and the likelihood (low) of a positive outcome. That said, if a woman feels strongly that she wants to take that chance, no matter how slim, the clinic should take an empathetic approach to helping her make that decision.

From the Wall Street Journal, "Competition is fierce among clinics, and critics say some doctors won't treat difficult cases because they don't want to lower their success rates for the CDC report. Many clinics won't take women who are older or have more difficult fertility problems, or they insist that these women use donor eggs. It's not unlike the controversy over college rankings, in which some people have complained that the data fuel competition and can sometimes be misleading."

We suggest you visit these sites before you choose a clinic. It will be well worth your time.

Fertility Success Rates has an interesting page on how clinics can "manipulate" their data.

The Wall Street Journal has an article with the subtitle "Doctors Say Success Rates Are Unreliable, Easily Fudged; How to Find Right Facility" which points out the issues. It's an older article, but it is still interesting. Read it. You will learn a lot.

The Frisco Institute for Reproductive Medicine has a refreshingly honest take IVF clinic stats. Definitely read this.

Other important considerations when choosing an IVF clinic is how they treat YOU as a patient. Some patients have reported feeling like "a number" in a "factory." Some patients rarely see their doctor or even the same nurse. Some clinics are "warm and fuzzy" with lots of personal attention, others not so much. You really need to find the right doctor, at the right facility, who has experience treating your particular issue.

Visit FertilityIQ

FertilityIQ was started by a venture capitalist and his wife after she unsuccessfully underwent three rounds of IVF. This site is totally independent - and that is important. The site is free (for now) and it is a great resource. Real patients rate their clinics on factors like ease of scheduling, quality of nursing team, attention to detail and more. Doctors are rated on factors like "treated like a human", response time, and communication.

Per the CDC

"A Comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful because patient medical characteristics and treatment approaches vary from clinic to clinic."