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Egg Bank Directory

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Many clinics have in-house donor egg programs. However, if your clinic does not offer a donor egg option or your are dissatisfied with your options, there are donor egg databases. Donor egg banks are becoming increasingly popular, and some are run by individual clinics. Below are the largest and most popular egg banks in the USA. They are listed by state for convenience, but for frozen eggs the location is not relevant.

Donor Egg Banks in Arizona

The World Egg Bank

Phoenix, AZ
Tel: (877) 331-2427 or (602) 678-1906

Donor Egg Banks in Maryland

Donor Egg Bank USA

Rockville, Md
Tel: 240) 778 - 6210 or (855) 344 - 2265

Egg Banks in Virginia

Fairfax Egg Bank

Fairfax, VA
Tel: (888) 352-5577
Fairfax Egg Bank | Frozen Donor Egg Bank | Find Your Egg Donor

Nationwide Affiliates


Nationwide Affiliates
Tel: (866) 537-2576